JTT Procurement Services

JTT is providing procurement services and equipment supply focusing on jetties and offshore industries, and specifically petrochemical jetties and terminals main and critical equipment from Buitendijk, Orwell Offshore, Floatex, Straatman, C-Nautical, Sandvik, Endress+Hauser, Canamex Enercat, and other European well-known and well-experienced manufacturers.

JTT range of products divides into two (2) main categories:

  • Jetties and Offshore Industries Facilities
  • Drilling Equipment

JTT Jetties and Offshore Industries Facilities Range of Products Comprises (But Not Limited to):

  • Hose Towers

Hose Loading Arm

Multi Product Hose Tower

  • Marine Loading Arms

Double In-board Marine Loading Arm

Multi Product (Double-Triple) Marine Loading Arm

Piggy Back Marine Loading Arm

Rigid Vapor Line Marine Loading Arm

Twin Type Marine Loading Arm

  • Truck Loading Arms

Bottom Loading Arm

Top Loading Arm

  • Access Gangway Systems

Small Tubular Column Gangway

Structural Tower Gangway

  • Folding Stairs and Safety Cages
  • SHF Cranes

Panamax/ Post-Panamax Gantry Crane

Ship Deck Crane

Jetty/ Ship Knuckle Boom Crane

Fixed/ Folding Jib Crane

Overhead Crane

Telescopic Crane

  • Special Designs and Equipment

Combination of Hose Tower, Gangway and SHF Crane

  • Swivel Joints and Swivel Bearings
  • Mooring and Towing

Quick Release Mooring Hook

Quick Release Towing Hook

Emergency Towing System (ETS)


Warping Rollers



  • Capstan

Electric Mooring Capstan Vertical (EMCV)

Electric Combined Anchor Mooring Capstan Vertical (ECAMCV)

  • Winch

Electric Combined Anchor Winch (ECAW)

Electric Frequency Controlled Anchor Mooring Winch (ECAMW)

Auto-tensioning Reel Spooling Winch (ARSW)

Electric Hydraulic Combined Anchor Winch (EHCAW)

Electric Hydraulic Self-tensioning Anchor Mooring Winch (EHSAMW)

Electric Hydraulic Combined Anchor Mooring Winch (EHCAMW)

  • Anchors and Chains
  • Chain Stoppers

Roller Lever Fall Chain-stopper (RLFC)

  • Berth Aid Systems (BAS)
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
  • Vessels Traffic Control Systems (VTS)
  • Dredging

Bow Discharge Installation

Arm and Cardan-pieces

Ball Joints


Pinch Ball Joints

Sluice Valves

Steel Plate Bends

Turning Glands

Water Monitors

  • Portal Bulk Material Handling

Ship Loader

Ship Unloader

  • Stockyard (Land) Bulk Material Handling



Stacker Reclaimer

Mobile Hopper

In-plant Conveyor System

Train Wagon/ Truck Loader


  • Offshore Buoys and Floats

Pick-up Buoy Type Rotomoulded

Polyethylene Expanded Buoy

Cylindrical, Supporting and Chain Buoy

Anchor Pennant Buoy

Rotative Anchor Pennant Buoy

Modular Buoy

Giant (Modular) Buoy EXA 48/56-40

Catamaran Mooring (Modular) Buoy CAT 43/50 for CBM System

Ancillary Equipment for SBM/ SPM System

Floating Ancillary Reducer and “Y” Piece

Hinged Bolted Float

Hinged Turnbuckle Float

Expanded Polyethylene Fender

Dredging Float

Hawsers Floatation Collar

Tubular Float

Plastic Float

Special Supporting Float

Bead Floats and Integral Floatation

  • Navigation Aids

Light Buoy

Onshore Light (Lattice Towers Beacons Poles Platforms)

Onshore Light (TBP Reinforced Polyester)

Onshore Light (PETB Beacon)

Batteries (Primary Alkaline Battery Pack)

Batteries (Secondary Batterie)

Batteries (Battery Charger)

Solar Energy Converter

Solar Energy Charge Regulator

Elastic Beacon

Foghorns (Sound and Signal)

Monitoring Remote Control System

Marine Lanterns

LED and Flasher Lantern

Winker Lights for Floating Hose

  • Floating Structures

Raft, Pontoon and Quay

Special Floating Construction

  • Marine Environment Systems

Floating Meteomarine System (MONIT-MED)

Floating Meteomarine System (MONIT-BOA)

  • Anti-Pollution Buoys and Floating Barriers

TPR Oil Boom Barriers

Floating Barrier Reel Type Series PBAV

  • Machinery

Automatic Storage Systems for Pallets

C-frame and Portal Presses

Container Handling

Drill and Sawing Systems

Hydraulic Bending /Straightening Machines

JTT Drilling Range of Products Comprises (But Not Limited to):

  • Drill Bit
  • Drill Collars
  • Drill Pipes and Heavy Weight Tuff Tube
  • Economill, Junk mill
  • Coiled Tube for Control Line
  • Coiled Tube for Chemical Injection Line
  • OCTG products (Casing and Tubing)
  • Instrumentation Products (Tube, Connectors, Valves, etc.)