Engineering Services

JTT engineering services comprise of feasibility studies (in accordance with technical and commercial studies, assistance and advisory to the investors), conceptual and basic design (preliminary design, defining scope of services and principles of the plan), multi-discipline detail engineering (basic design endorsement, detail calculations, etc. in process, mechanical (fixed and rotary), instrumentation and control (I&C), electrical and telecommunication, civil and structural and architectural, fire and gas (F&G), HVAC and etc. engineering disciplines.), field engineering (engineering team assign and locate in execution site as technical office) and the item which we persist on it is our procurement engineering services (become the technical arm of client/ end-user to: design review of material requisitions (MR), datasheets (DS) and material take-offs (MTO), choose the most eligible vendor (s) by technical bid analysis and evaluation (TBA/TBE), purchase the best equipment according to project requirements).