Javidan Tajhiz Taban (JTT) Co. is a privately-owned company founded by four successful entrepreneurs and well-known company owners in Tehran-Iran. JTT has established and registered as an Iranian-Dutch corporation because of a shareholder from Netherlands, Mr. Pieter Cornelis Buitendijk (owner and C.E.O. of Buitendijk Techniek B.V.).

Buitendijk Techniek B.V. is the manufacturer (Engineering, Construction, Installation, Erection and Fabrication, Commissioning and Maintenance) of Multi-Product Hose Tower, Access Gangway System and SHF Cranes based in Netherlands and EPCC contractor of the first Multi-Product Hose Tower in Iran (East Side of Jetty No. 2, Petrochemical Economic Special Zone, North West of Persian Gulf, Bandar Imam, Khuzestan-Iran.)

JTT has authorized as Buitendijk Techniek B.V.’s Exclusive representative and sole agent for the sale and support of products in Middle East (focusing center is Iran).

JTT providing engineering services and procurement activities focusing on harbors, oil and gas offshore industries and specialized in petrochemical jetties and terminals as a multi-disciplined company.

JTT engineering scope of services divides into divisions comprise of:

  • technical and commercial feasibility studies (consultancy, assistance and advisory to the owners/ investors to make the best decision about harbors, jetties and offshore industries to enhance with the most conforming equipment according to project expecting requirements)
  • procurement engineering services (become the technical arm of client/ end-user to: design review and endorsement of the project technical documents including Material Requisitions (MR), Datasheets (DS), Specifications (SP), Material Take-offs (MTO), etc. consequently selecting the most eligible vendor (s) by Technical Bid Analysis and Evaluation (TBA/ TBE) and a final conclusion for purchasing the most conforming equipment according to project requirements).

This is necessary to remind that JTT has equipped engineering offices in Iran (Tehran) and Netherlands (Dordrecht) with the combination of experienced personnel and up to date knowledge, tools and techniques with the purpose of maximizing benefit for whole project stakeholders, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency which consequently brings maximizing productivity, minimizing project costs of re-engineering or probable design errors and obviously optimizing resources and human assets utilization within meeting latest project, local, legal, national and international requirements and standards.

And today, JTT made every essential and necessary equipment for offshore industries, harbors, quays and wharfs and specifically petrochemical jetties and offshore terminals available from top European manufacturers of such industries.

JTT is capable of supply equipment in mentioned criteria including but not limited to:

  • Multi-Product Hose Tower
  • Single-Point Buoy Mooring System (SBM/ SPM)
  • Conventional Buoy Mooring System (CBM)
  • Marine Loading Arm
  • Access Gangway System
  • Quick Release Mooring/ Towing Hook
  • Marine/ SHF Crane
  • Winch, Bollard, Capstan, Chain and Chain Stopper
  • Buoy, Navigation Aids, Marine Lanterns and Fog Horns
  • Marine Hose
  • Marine Fender
  • Dredging Buoy and Mechanical Parts
  • Ship-Loader/ Un-Loader & Reclaimer

In description of JTT competitive advantages, the major point is “Target Market” concept. Our own is “Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Industries in Categorization of onshore and offshore, down-stream and up-stream”.

We knows the market very well and the market found us as an eligible and reliable company to participate in strategic national and international projects. We owe this value to our well-known top managers with more than 25 years of technical and managerial experience in this market and high educated creative experts, middle managers and supervisors (majority in master’s degree) utilizing up to date knowledge, latest standards, software, tools and techniques. Serving professional engineering and procurement (equipment supply and support) services as a bi-national (Iranian-Dutch) corporation and offices in Iran (Tehran) and Netherlands (Dordrecht) is another competitive advantage. But the main point which makes us different:

We supply from top European manufacturers DIRECTLY!

 Some Previous Satisfied JTT Clients are: